Young Adults


Parent Guidance


I work with children who struggle in their every day lives. From low frustration tolerance to difficulties in regulating emotions - from  trauma to adapting to new life

events. If there is an issue, I

want to help. My therapeutic

approach integrates art,

music, and play in order to

find the perfect recipe for

healing. I also have 

extensive training in 



Disorders, such as ADHD

and Autism Spectrum



My goal with teens is to build a trusting and supportive relationship in order to guide them through the struggles of adolescence.

This includes depression, anxiety,

relationship issues, self-esteem,

and self-harm. 

Young Adults

Becoming an adult is a

difficult transition. Fighting

for independence, but still

needing the overall

support of family members can

be challenging. My sessions aim

to build self-confidence, establish a

healthy identity, and uphold a strong

family support system.

Parent Guidance

Working with parents is

an essential component in

any treatment plan. I work

to build upon existing

parental strengths, promote

consistency and structure, and

reinforce a positive environment

for development.